Our Company - Fisecorp

Established on 2001, Fisecorp S.A. is a company dedicated to financial services focused on credit concession management.

We assist clients in the financial analysis, mostly with traditional and non traditional sources of investment.

Based on Guayaquil, Ecuador, the network of Allies is formed by highly qualified professionals within the markets of Europe and America.

Our Mission

“Exceed the expectations of our clients while being the leader supplier of responsible and monitored services in the industry of financing of work capital and capital goods."



• Customer focused
Each one of our members has a clear idea of the influence he exerts on the client’s perception, this ensures that our relationship with the client progresses simultaneously with the satisfaction of its needs and expectations.

• Respect for the people
We accept the different perspectives and capacities of our team and the client, enriching ourselves personally and professionally.

• Integrity and confidence
We fulfill our commitments with our clients and suppliers in an honest and transparent way, generating trust for the long term relation.

• Innovation
We try constantly to improve our management practices with new and better practices.